My brother. 

There is a lot to be said about him. He somehow finds his way into about 50% of all conversations I have. 

He is:

wise beyond his years

a supernerd

incredible actor

loving and sweet

critical thinker




and leaving for germany in less than 2 weeks.

My (not so little) brother has decided to spend his would be senior year of high school in Germany!!!!

He has researched, written essays, letters, presented in front of boards, taken tests and been awarded scholarships to study abroad in what has been up until a few days ago, an unknown city with unknown people in Germany. He just found out that he will be spending the next year living with a retired couple and going to school in the city of Wiesbaden, a city south of Frankfurt.

I am so proud of him and want to dedicate this blog to him too!

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The happiest people I know are dedicated to dealing with the most difficult problems.

Why the happiest people have the hardest jobs (via fastcompany)

Journalism is undergoing a difficult time right now but I’d definitely lump a lot of journalists in this category - problems that have potential to lead to happiness. Just one step a day, I tell myself.

(via poynterinstitute)

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found this on coquette’s blog (which by the way is awesome) can anyone who speaks arabic confirm that this translation is accurate? 

I know it seems messed up to question this, and I probably only am doing that because the level of education and consciousness is so low in the U.S. that I am simply in shock that a kid this age is so intelligent and can think so critically about the world to be able to form such strong opinions as he has. 

Truly inspiring/makes me feel like shit about the standards and culture surrounding youth in the U.S.

sister kisses

sister kisses

Bloggy Steps

This apprehensive venture into the blogosphere is inspired by, and dedicated to, my beautiful sister, Lisa: explorer and writer extraordinaire. Unlike me, she is expert at articulating her musings through life and sharing them with the interwebinary inhabitants. I, myself am rather foreign to this world. 

I’ve long had an aversion to screens. I much prefer to be interacting in some way with my immediate physical environment rather than diving into the virtual world, wether it be on computers or in movies/television. I just don’t often find myself spending more than a few minutes at a time staring at a screen.

So Lisa, my dear sister, this is for you. In hopes that we can stay connected to each other from opposite sides of the world.